Stylish Ways of Wearing Scarves in this Summer

A scarf is a piece of cloth that can be worn in any way you want. Whether you are tying it across your neck or wrapping it around yourself, scarves will definitely make you look stylish and fashionable. As the summer season is starting to arrive, you may think that the time for wearing scarves has come to an end. Not at all, my friend! You can wear scarves in the summer season too! There are various ways you can choose to wear your scarves when going out in this summer. Let us go through some of the ways here.

Custom Scarves

Wrap the Scarf around your Head – Wearing your scarf like a bandana across your head is an excellent way to beat the heat in the summer season. Fold the scarf into a triangle and place it on your head with the triangle pointed upwards. Now tie the two corners at the back of your head and place the top portion of the scarf underneath the knot. It’s that simple!

Wear the Scarf like a Belt – Take your scarf and fold it horizontally until it looks like a belt and tie it around yourself. You can then tie the scarf like a bow tie or you can tie a knot, whichever you like.

Loop and Tuck – Wear your scarf around your neck in such a way that both ends are at the back of you. Now bring the ends in front in a criss-cross manner, i.e., the left portion to your right and the right portion to your left. After that, take both the ends and insert it through the loop across your neck and then pull them down.

Wear the Scarf as a Cape – Take a square scarf and fold it like a triangle. Now wear it over your shoulders and tie a square knot with both the ends. Voila! It is done!

These are some of the ways you can use your scarves this summer. You can also opt to design your own custom scarves from various online portals to get the perfect colored scarf you want. Now go out and wear your scarf using the above mentioned ways or try some different combinations. You will look beautiful!

Custom Scarves Will Make You Appear like The Diva

All of us have crush on celebrities for the way they style and deck up. Some of us like the yesteryear stars while the others love the modern ones. All these leading ladies wore their scarves like their crowning glory. We love to emulate them in our own ways. Custom scarves made by designers provide a tool to us in fulfilling our style dreams and become our favorite icon for a couple of minutes.

Here are a few popular styles that are copied by females at random.

The Square Style – This is one of the easiest ways to wear a scarf and you can carry it with any attire you want. You will need a long scarf and then wrap it around your neck with both the ends hanging loose in front. Tie a knot once below your neck at a distance and then tie once again to complete the step.

Square Style of Wearing Scarf

Bow Style – If you are marginally healthy and blonde, go for the bow look. Though, it is quite complicated, yet you can do it. It requires a longish scarf which requires to be tied halfway between your neck and the end. Now take the other side and pull it half within the knot to create the bow. Tie the knot tightly to avoid faux pas.

bow style

The Drape Style – Another easiest way to wear a scarf is to go for the drape style. Just place a long scarf around your neck and if you are wearing a jacket then place the scarf under the jacket collar and let it hang. You will definitely look cool and stylish in this style.

Drape Style of Wearing Scarf

The Scarf Belt – Though most people wear scarves around their neck or cover their head with it, another way of wearing a scarf is to wear it like a belt. Wrap a scarf around your waist and tie a knot in front. Its that easy! You can wear a jacket and wrap your scarf around it or you can go for the hourglass style and use two scarfs, one to drape it around your neck and the second to act as a belt where you can slide the first scarf inside.

Scarf Belt

Whether you copy these styles or design your own scarf to suit your wish, they are just going to be the best. Note that, if you have to carry any of these looks like pro then you just have to be confident. Your icons will also be happy to find your photos on any of the social media platforms. Shed your inhibitions and just style the scarves.

Custom Scarves Creating the Smart, Professional Chic Look

Scarves are not only for fun and flamboyant fashion but it can also add a certain professionalism to an entire ensemble depending on the piece of fabric you are choosing. Custom scarves are best for this purpose as they provide a wider range of stole for the user. The concept of professional attire has changed over the past 3 decades. Now, women can choose between a wide range of woolen jackets to skirts that have lovely prints. Professional styling has become more flexible now which provides the opportunity to add more glamor to the look by allowing scarf with the ensemble.

Custom Scarves

Irrespective of whether you are wearing a pantsuit or a skirt blouse the quality of your wardrobe is what is displayed. Even if you are carrying a boxy look, the silk scarf adds lot of glamor and attitude to the ensemble. Silk is a beautiful, rich and fantastic fabric which can alleviate a look from plain Jane to smart high spirited independent woman. The cashmere stole is also an alternative that looks superbly stylish and modern. Both these fabrics convey status and class and are essential for the office look.

Wearing Scarves to Achieve the Professional Look

Just buying or choosing a scarf does not end your responsibility. Wrapping it around is also important. When you are dressing up for office you have to wrap it around sensibly. Hence, wrapping it around the neck is the most suitable style. Whether you are displaying a bold style or a decent one, custom made ladies scarves can bring it out dexterously. Inside the board room, both these styles are acceptable; you simply have to carry it properly. Whether coordinating a meeting, networking for a business or formulating a strategy over phone, a scarf always adds style to the look you carry. It is versatile, chic and contemporary.

In fact, the little black dress which is a formal as well as a casual dress depending on the occasion, can also be paired with a beautiful silk scarf. Whether you want to go clubbing with the office colleagues or you are attending an office party, elegantly wrapping it around will give you the desired effect. In fact, you can change the color of the stole and wear a new one every week to make it appear innovative and different. It appears formal, business like and sharp.

The scarf is practical and feminine. It is a brilliant combination of style and functionality. Women working for the electronic media maintain a fine balance between appearing sensual and functional and majority of them prefer a scarf to achieve the desired look. In fact, a number of fashion designing companies have made scarves keeping in mind the 30 something working women and that includes pieces in satin as well in solid colors.

You do not have to wear boring dresses to work, rev it up with the help of colorful as well as monochrome scarves. Looking sharp is a matter of personal style and adding stoles to your pantsuit or skirt helps display that style in a perfect manner.

Custom Scarves in Silk Appears Quintessentially Feminine

Silk is a beautiful fabric – shiny, light, wearable and stylish. Quite naturally a silk scarf is one of the most beautiful ways in which a woman can adorn herself sensuously. Lovers of this type of designer cloth mainly use 3 criteria while choosing one. They are quality, wear-ability and also beauty. In fact, silk is such a fabric which is expensive but is the best when it comes to custom scarves. Designs come out very nicely on this textile and hence it is quite a favorite among the fashionista.

custom scarvesBuying one and then keeping it inside the box is total waste of such a tasteful piece of cloth. Your gorgeous scarf is not something to be kept inside; instead it should be worn in all its glory. However, it sometimes happens that you do not have a perfect dress to wear with a beautiful scarf, but that does not mean you won’t wear it. In fact, you have to be creative in wearing it and experiment with colors and styles to pair it with. Of course the most usable ones are those that can match your existing wardrobe but these can and should also be used. You may have a color theme already, a set of shades that go with your personality. Your personality also constitutes of your dress sense and that must be projected projected properly.

How to Use an Unusual Scarf?

Even if your newest customized ladies scarves do not match the existing color scheme you can still use unusual color and design that you have made the designer do on that piece of cloth. The best way to use wear it is to find out a neutral colored dress from your closet. Soft solid pastels can also do the wonder if you are trying to pair it with a dress. Also, try to pair it with black, white or some such neutral colors. You do not have to stick to white strictly; try ivory and other shades of white in warm and cool textures to make that look work. Grayish brown and cool bluish gray can also make a lovely pair with your colorful scarf.

In order to make most of the color combination and to avoid any fashion faux pas, check it under natural and artificial light. However, to bring out the look that you ultimately desire needs more than just color scheme match. You need to try different tying styles and that is a time consuming activity; but do it to feel great in your attire. Do take the neckline into account while trying the scarf because you are going to wrap it around the neck. It should be visible in a proper manner.

Ideally your wardrobe should consist of a couple scarves in cool, warm, neutral shades as well as classics to add more variety to your wardrobe. Choosing the right color is not easy but you have to think out of the box to pair it up which brings out your personality the way you desire. Rock the look!

Custom Scarves Will Make You the Darling of the Shutterbugs

All of us have celebrity fancies and they are realized through the small things in our lives when we can dress or style like them. Some of us had a huge crush on Audrey Hepburn while others still have a huge crush on Julia Roberts. All these leading ladies wore their scarves in style and we love to emulate them in our own ways. Designer scarves provide us a tool to fulfill our style dreams and become our favorite icon for a split second.

Custom Scarves

This brings us to the question of how to tie a scarf that represents the style of our yesteryear diva or the current one. Here is a lowdown on how to do it.

  • Hourglass Style: All the fashion queens out there know that a stole is not only meant for winter months but throughout the year. Hence, there are lots to be done with the piece of neckwear throughout the year. If you worship Olivia Palermo, you can rock the belted look. Simply put the piece of cloth around your neck with both the ends hanging loose and slide it inside your belt. You will look great!
  • Half-Bow Style: If you are slightly flabby like Adele and if she is your fashion queen, create the half-bow look. However, it is quite complicated but considering you wish to avoid faux pas, you can do it. It requires a longish scarf which needs to be tied halfway between your neck and the end. Now take the other side and pull it half within the knot to create the half-bow. Do not forget to tie the knot tightly.
  • The Babushka Style: What happens when Kim Kardashian goes classic? The Babushka happens. You really need a small neckpiece and create a triangle with it and cover your head with the broader part. Take the ends and wrap it around your neck before finishing it with a knot either at the back or front.
  • The Scullery Maid: Didn’t Katy Perry look beautiful with her colorful scarf tied on her head through the nape? If you loved this, you can achieve it. It is pretty simple. Use any color and any length of stole or even better if you could use custom scarves by intertwining them and using the mingled item to fold it into a square and placing it on the back of your head. Tie the loose ends on the top of your head over your hair in whichever way you want. You are the darling of the shutterbugs!

Straight away copy these styles or alter them a little according to your wish and become the favorite of the fashionista. Just remember to carry any of these looks like pro and you are given full marks on that. Your icons will also be happy to find your photos on any of the social media platforms. Shed your inhibitions and just do the scarves.

Come Across Royal Glance with Online Custom Made Scarves

For years, accessories have played a quintessential role in making the fashion world truly magnificent and lucrative. In this respect, people have vehemently settled with those bearing the quality of being exceptional and class apart. Among numerous types and genres, this is one such attribute that has got a paramount acceptance too. No wonder, when the matter of fact is related with embellishing elements like scarves, ties and others, importance of such features get exemplified.
The accessorising items mentioned above are not fresh and new in this world of attractive and trend setting fashion world. Rather, its acceptance were found in the earlier periods too where, the purpose of using the same were much different. With time its worthiness got dignified and today, people are considering such merchandise as a perfect embellishing factor too. The best way to get related with this fact is to recognise the ongoing demand to craft custom made scarves through leading online shops.

These elegant pieces have been playing a significant role in protecting trend lovers from harmful UV rays and chilly winter winds too. On being combined with these multi-faceted facilities, demand for these sorts of accessories got increased too. Needless to state that, the ability to customise the same according to need and necessity is a special add on. Much awaited desire to win over the crowd in a most sophisticated and attractive way gets fulfilled even.

Here comes the necessity to get accustomed with the most fluent and easier mode of collecting these sorts of personalised embellishing items. Most wonderful and splendour assistance in this context are the online shops ideally stocked with range of ties, scarves and what not. Best fact is that, methodological designing protocol offered by such stores personalised for such glamorous items is of great assistance too. All these facts in a way ascertain that getting accustomed with embellishing splendour has been made easier and contended by such online shops.


Distinctiveness Best Expressed with Online Custom Made Scarves

Accessories have an impressive impact to enhance the appealing traits of any genre of fashionable clothing patterns. Its presence is also found in corporate attires. Moreover, school uniforms and several other platforms are also found to be embellished with items and merchandise considered as a perfect accessorizing good. Perfect examples in this respect are scarves ties and more.

No wonder, the requirement to get ready and congregate an exclusive range of embellishing factors mentioned above has turned out to be an utmost necessity for one and all. In this context a perfect mode to fulfill all these essential necessities are custom made scarves that are easily and quickly available through online shops.

Custom Scarves

Now, here comes the reason to collect such personalized items through internet based shops only. Those are:

  • Systematized designing protocol suiting every need and necessity of the buyer.
  • Range of colors, prints, shapes and more even for items that needs not to be customized.
  • No matter if the requirement is for wedding, parties or corporate gathering, fitting with all the prerequisites gets well served by this merchandise.
  • Bulk collection facility is available too.
  • Not only scarves such customizing benefits are applicable for other items like ties, neckties, bowties and more.
  • Easy shipment and easier access are some of the other beneficial aspect that a person gets to enjoy through these portals.
  • Products are assured to be of world class in quality due to its ace fabric.

Actually, scarves are reputed for being one of the most appreciable accessorizing items. Getting along with such age old belief has been made more viable by these online shops ideally dealing with world class accessories and customizing those according to individual needs. Even the wish to win over the crowd in a most glamorous way gets fulfilled.