How Men Should Dress on their First Date

Neckties are classy accessories, and by wearing them you can perfectly make a statement about your personality, character and aesthetic sense. Women love a man who knows how to take care of himself and who takes pride in his appearance. Tie is a piece of neckwear that women find most attractive in men’s outfit. Whether you want to go for a romantic date or taking your girl to a party, it is your neckwear that gets noticed by them seriously.

What men should wear on their first date?

Your first date is perhaps the most important occasion in your life when you don’t want to slip up especially with your dress. After consulting with the relationship experts and fashion gurus, we are offering few style tips that you can follow on your first date.

Wear a suit and avoid leather jacket- The elegance and the eternal appeal of a suit will never fade away and will work on every occasion. Try to wear a light colored suit with a fashionable custom tie that you can buy online. Your attire will definitely impress her a lot and leave a profound impression on her mind. Do keep in mind that you are not wearing something flashy such as leather jackets or multicolor sweater.

Hat instead of cap- Wearing a cap on your first date may seem childish. If you really want to wear a headwear, opt for a classy hat. It will offer you mature look along with a decent appearance. A hat will also complement the personalized tie and the suit you are wearing.

Suit Tie Hat for Date

Go minimalist with your jewelry- By putting on heavy jewelry you are taking the risk of appearing tacky and pretentious to your sweetheart. Be simple and minimalist with your jewelry. You can wear a pleasing bracelet with a nice watch instead of a heavy necklace or flashy studs.

Although the first date is meant to be casual that doesn’t mean your outfit should be sloppy. Make an unforgettable first impression with a spectacular attire.


What Are The Things You Need To Match While Buying A Tie

Neckties and shirts are two important elements for a man clothing. How to match each other is an important aspect to create a stunning look. Combining a tie with your suit and shirt is not that hard. It requires only a basic understanding of color pattern and proportion which can be used to build an interchangeable wardrobe.


Three most important factors to match while wearing a tie are-

  • Necktie Pattern
  • Necktie Color
  • Necktie Proportion

Necktie Pattern-

Neckties are versatile enough for wearing to a business event, client meeting, interview, wedding and funeral. There are different types of tie patterns to chose from with the easy option of buying custom ties online.

  • Solids: The Solid necktie is the most versatile and can be worn by anyone without prior knowledge of pattern mixing and matching. While other options such as foulard ties can also be highly appealing.
  • Stripe: The British Regimental Stripe Tie can be considered one of the ‘original’ pieces of men’s neckwear. With a stripe running downwards from the wearers left shoulder to his right waist, the British Regimental tie has its roots in history.
  • Foulard: Foulard refers to a small scale pattern with basic block repeat. It’s neat geometric repeating pattern and is appropriate for business meetings, other formal settings or even less formal occasions.

Necktie Color-

The colors of neckties can take your look to a different level. When it comes to color variations, the options are virtually limitless. You can select numerous colors according to your taste, preference and style. Here are the options you can go for-

  • Red Ties
  • Burgundy Ties
  • Navy Ties
  • Light Blue Ties
  • Pink Ties
  • Orange Ties
  • Yellow Ties
  • Black Ties
  • White Ties
  • Green Ties
  • Brown Ties
  • Purple Ties and more

Necktie Proportion-

The width of men’s neckties has changed from time to time. Earlier most of the neckties come with 4+ inch wide. Today most neckties range from 3.25 to 3.75 inches. Skinny ties are 1.5 to 2.5 inches in width and will look best with modern European cut suits. Just keep in mind that the widest part of the lapel and the widest part of the tie should be similar in width.

Neckties are great finishing piece and undoubtedly one of the essential items of men’s dressing. They promote credible, professional and respectable look and portray self-confidence of a man.