Aspects to keep in Mind While Customizing Wedding Necktie

For men, the most noticeable accessory on the day of wedding is the tie. It gives the complete look and makes the wedding suit look highly attractive. Custom wedding neckties are the single most important item for grooms. They come in two forms, a standard necktie that’s normally 9cm wide and a skinny tie.

Now you could enjoy the freedom of customizing the color, material, shape, size and design of your tie according to the theme of your wedding. Fashion experts suggest to have a close look on the following aspects while customizing tie for your marriage.

Fashion gurus suggest that the color of your tie must complement the suit you are wedding and attire of your bride. The colors should not contradict the outfit of each other. For instance, for day marriage it is good to wear light colored ties such as blue, light pink, white or off-white. Marriage that is going to take place at night you could select dark hues like black, dark green and royal blue.

The tie patterns are the second most critical factor. With rocketing popularity of neckties, the options for different patterns have also enlarged and expanded. The options are almost limitless when it comes to select the custom necktie patterns. Take a look at the different tie patterns-

  • Solid Ties
  • Striped Ties
  • British Regimental Striped Ties
  • University Striped Ties
  • Repp Striped Neckties
  • Foulard Ties
  • Plaid Ties
  • Pin Dot Neckties
  • Polka Dot Ties
  • Paisley Ties

Printing symbols on wedding tie is a remarkable way to make it even more memorable. The unique look will certainly make your wedding popular instantly. You could print the picture of some of best moments of relationship, give tribute to anyone, print the emblem of the religion you believe or print a caricature. The decision is up to you to make it look attractive.

Depending on the outfit you are going to wear on the D-Day, you should select the length and width of the tie. Wedding neckties have achieved an adorable acceptance among the masses. The introduction of custom-made wedding ties will further boost their demands. Small fashion houses are giving their customers to customize their according to their preference and choice.


Wedding Attire Shopping Ideas for Men

The aim of wedding day shopping for men should be to look stylish and cool but not taking the limelight away from your bride. It has been noticed that a lot of guys are absolutely clueless when it comes to shop for their wedding, either they end up buying things in a hurry or taking instructions on how to dress from their would be wife. Look guys, it is the biggest mistake that you should not commit.


Women generally have zero sense when it comes to men’s dressing. Most of the time they think whatever looks good on their favorite male celeb will go well with their men. So, stop asking her advice on male attire (at least on your wedding day). Let us help you with your wedding day outfit buying strategy.

Plan well ahead- The moment you got engaged with your princess, it is quite acceptable that you can’t stop imagining yourself in the perfect wedding suit. shopping for it is sure to be an exhilarating, exciting and, yes, overwhelming experience. When should you start? It is good to start it a month ago. It will give you the buffer time if anything goes wrong with your dress. Make your shopping plan well ahead and take your trusted friend or someone from your family with you instead of your fiancé.

Do Your Research- Before you start shopping, figure out what style you’re looking for, the stores you want to visit and the budget you have. It is good to shop your suit from a store but when it comes to tie, we advise you to buy wedding neckties online. Apart from getting numerous choices, you will get neckties at an affordable price from there.

Matching a wedding tie with an outfit-

Tie plays a great role in looking presentable especially in a wedding. A necktie must always coordinate with the other parts of an ensemble. A great place to get inspiration is in a men’s fashion online stores, particularly those that specialize in wedding clothing. These websites are great sources for ideas for colors, fabrics, and styles. The beginning of the process is to shop for a suit. Then a tie and shirt can be found to match the suit.

Men have a hard time picking out the perfect outfit for their wedding, from ordering to altering, you need to be prepared in advance. Keep in mind that the fabric of your attire will have a great impact on your overall look. So decide carefully about its selection.

How Tie Knots can Make you Look Elegant and Stylish

Sporting a tie in a proper way can take your look to a different level. It is absolutely true that unless you are going to knot your tie well, there is not much point in wearing it at all. Tie knots are characterized on four different factors- knot size, symmetry, aesthetics and difficulty.

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There are four main types of knots that you can choose to tie your neckties, namely The Four-in-Hand Knot, The Eldredge Knot, The Half-Windsor knot, and The Atlantic Knot.

The Four-in-Hand knot- It is easy to tie, slender, tapered, mildly asymmetrical and self-releasing. This type of knot is an asymmetric way of tying a necktie and is suitable to wear for most occasions. It is believed the most common types because it is very easy to do. The Four-in-Hand knot is the most preferred tie knot all over the world.

The Eldredge Knot- It was invented by Jeffrey Eldredge in 2007 and achieved internet fame in 2008. There is no doubt that this knot is one of a kind. As opposed to the vast majority of tie knots, this one is produced by using the small end as the active end, creating a tapered fishtail braid-like effect. The Eldridge is an unorthodox, complex & eye-catching necktie knot that involves 15 separate steps.

Half-Windsor knot- The Half-Windsor knot is considered more formal and quite more difficult to tie than the four-in-hand. It produces a neat symmetrical triangular knot that one can use with any dress shirt. The Half-Windsor complements well with light-weight to medium-weight fabrics. It is extremely versatile and works well for all occasions and it is absolutely ideal for wearing custom wedding neckties.

The Atlantic Knot- It is undoubtedly an innovative way to wear a tie. It is worth trying for especially if you are headed for festivals or informal social gatherings. Over the last couple of years, the Atlantic knot is gaining immense popularity among the celebrities and sports personalities. The best thing about this knot is it can complement any sort of shirts.

Each tie knot has its own appeal, relevancy and style statement. You can easily stand out from the crowd with these knots any day of the week or simply use them to look elegant and stylish during those special events of your life.

The Romance between Wedding Neckties and Popular Knots

Brides generally have lot of accessories to look beautiful on their wedding day, but men have only few options. Among these few options are the wedding neckties. Yes, these neckpieces save the day for men. Choosing the correct tie is not about picking up the perfect color, but also about the length, thickness, fabric and of course the way you tie it. Here are some of the best knots for wedding day.

The Pratt Knot

Pratt Knot

This one is a formal looking knot which his characterized by its medium size and versatility. It is a formal knot and is great for wedding occasions. It starts inside out.

The Atlantic Knot

Atlantic Knot

The name sounds good and so is the knot. This is an intricately designed knot which looks informal and yet is perfectly suitable for the wedding. It involves 9 steps to perfection.

The Eldredge Knot

Eldredge Knot

This is one of the most complex knots for men. It involves 15 steps and appears sophisticated. It is attractive and appears unique.

The Windsor Knot

Windsor Knot

Windsor is the best knot for wedding day. It is the classic which requires the wearer to tie a complicated knot using the thick and the thin ends of the piece. Most men are seeing with this knot during their big day. It is classic and smart as well.

The Half Windsor Knot

Half Windsor Knot

As the name suggests it is half the full Windsor. The thicker end is on the right while the thinner end is on the end while tying this knot. This also looks great on men during their wedding day. It is good for men who are short in height.

The Four-in-Hand Knot

Four-in-Hand Knot

This is considered to be the simplest of knots. It brings on the classic look with little effort for the man wearing the tie. It is quite a popular one at the weddings.

The Nicky Knot

Nicky Knot

This is an interesting knot which is complex to do but simple to look at. It provides a symmetrical look and appears less fussy which the desired effect is for men on their wedding. Look smart and simple without showing the effort with this knot. Moreover, it looks great on any colored wedding ties for men.

The Balthus Knot

Balthus Knot

This is one of the most noticeable knots because of its size which is large and wide. It has more knots and is difficult to execute. However, it looks prominent once you have achieved the look.

The Cape Knot

Cape Knot

This knot is for the tie aficionados. Absolutely the best and looks amazing in monochrome as well as in colored ties, the cape is awesome and looks the best in a standard length tie.

The Capsule Knot

Capsule Knot

This is the trickiest among the lot. However, it appears simple and has a funny name to it. Few men use it on their wedding day to look different. This looks best with semi-wide tie and worn with open collar.

These are the 10 most popular knots which men use on their wedding day to look unique, handsome and attractive. Some of them are complex while others are simple. But most of them add a personal and unique touch to the wedding ensemble of men.


Custom Wedding Neckties for Special Occasion

Wedding is a special occasion in anyone’s life and it demands an equally special wedding necktie. Neckties are treated as a part of tradition in some cultures whereas it is treated as a part of style in an individual sense. To maintain this individualism in style, a custom wedding necktie appears to be the perfect accessory. It looks formal as well as fashionable. Irrespective of the role you play in the wedding, this piece of accessory can definitely up your style quotient by leaps and bounds.

Custom Wedding NecktiesPeople started using neckties in 16th century Europe when the concept did not exist properly. Small knots were tied on equally small pieces of kerchiefs or handkerchiefs. Since then it became a part of the tradition. But as the ties came of age, lot of people began experimenting with them and now they can be customized to speak about individual style. If any man wants to impress the crowd or look really special, he can definitely get this neck piece designed in his own way.

Customized wedding neckties can serve as great gifts as well because they carry the signature style of the wearer. This is particularly good when it comes to wedding accessory. You can always send this as a gift to your best friend on his big day. Adding personalized touches to the piece always makes it feel special and unique. Some people even go to the extent of putting in messages which obviously makes the product an interesting and an exclusive one.

In some websites it is easy to customize the wedding neckties. It is an easy process wherein first you will have to get the estimated price followed by design proof and finally giving it the desired shape. Either pick from the existing ones or make up your own design. Simply, get the best.

Pick Regal Eminence with Online Wedding Neckties

Couples of wedding events may be the centre of attention but their immediate and extended families and friend also needs to be appealing in look. In this respect, attires, clothing patterns and even accessories needs to be elected in an appropriate way. It is generally of the view that, mouth watering delicacies and adorable venues is the only thing to make a wedding event memorable. However, ornaments and accessories are of crucial importance too.


As far as grooms of such events are concerned, wedding neckties plays a responsible role. This is one of the most effective ways to enhance the, embellishing factor of the entire appeal. That is the reason why, colour, prints, shapes and various other facets also needs to be elected in a most effective way. In this context, visiting premier online shops can be a lucrative deal.

Ties and neckties has been the most popular attire for corporate people and also at educational institutes. However, its presence in wedding events is of exemplary nature and over there it has to be enriched with exclusiveness. No wonder, on abiding by the customising protocol delivered by online shops mentioned above, all those facets can be achieved with excellence too.

Shops like these are popular for its merchandise that is embodied with classiness, stateliness, array of choices, elegant fabrics and more. Nevertheless, such features simply dignify the charm and magnetism of a tie ideally designed for the most memorable event like wedding.

Moreover, need for ties, neckties, scarves or any other sorts of accessories for various other purposes and necessities can also be fulfilled on collecting products from these shops. Not only appeal even the fabric quality of ties and neckties prepared for wedding has to be of first rate quality. Needless to state, all these facts also get fulfilled with items of these stores.

Try-Out Distinct Wedding Neckties for Majestic Appeal

No one can deny the wonders and propitious factors attached with a wedding event. Flowers, curtains, cuisines, fashionable clothing, ornaments, each and every other aspects are of similar importance. But attires, accessories and jewelry pieces of a bride and groom matters the most. After all, entire occasion gets designed for them. In this respect, a bride and her appealing qualities might come first.

Try-Out Distinct Wedding Neckties for Majestic Appeal

However, charisma and magical adornment of would-be husbands are no-less either. Majestic suit, hair style, shoes and every other minute factor plays a significant role to gift him with a princely charm. In this respect, selecting an exclusively designed necktie is of vital importance too. Study says that men simply love to be adorned with formal attires. As far as wedding is concerned, comfort and attractiveness gets automatically attached. At his juncture, beautifully crafted wedding neckties need a special revelation. Accessories are renowned for its enhancing power statement. The one mentioned above can simply embellish the appeal with complete awesomeness.

Now, adjuncts for wedding and that too for a man need to be selected with crucial look-through. As for the neckties, such necessities are of stupendous significance. Hence, from the stores to its intricate designs or even the first-rate fabric for complete comfort, everything requires to be chosen properly. One of the most suitable solution providers in this respect are online portals exclusively dealing with neckties, bowtie and more. Facility to obtain custom made items can also be enjoyed with such internet based shops.

Fashion loving men simply love to be allured with luxurious appeal added with pocket-friendly features. On collecting neckties for wedding from these online portals, above mentioned wants get fulfilled in an awesome way. Moreover, facility of easy shipment offered by these stores is worth appreciable. All in all, neckties collected from here is a must have for every groom dreaming to get dressed with exceptional attractiveness. Winning over the crowed and making the event praiseworthy can hence be well attained.