Custom Scarves Will Make You the Darling of the Shutterbugs

All of us have celebrity fancies and they are realized through the small things in our lives when we can dress or style like them. Some of us had a huge crush on Audrey Hepburn while others still have a huge crush on Julia Roberts. All these leading ladies wore their scarves in style and we love to emulate them in our own ways. Designer scarves provide us a tool to fulfill our style dreams and become our favorite icon for a split second.

Custom Scarves

This brings us to the question of how to tie a scarf that represents the style of our yesteryear diva or the current one. Here is a lowdown on how to do it.

  • Hourglass Style: All the fashion queens out there know that a stole is not only meant for winter months but throughout the year. Hence, there are lots to be done with the piece of neckwear throughout the year. If you worship Olivia Palermo, you can rock the belted look. Simply put the piece of cloth around your neck with both the ends hanging loose and slide it inside your belt. You will look great!
  • Half-Bow Style: If you are slightly flabby like Adele and if she is your fashion queen, create the half-bow look. However, it is quite complicated but considering you wish to avoid faux pas, you can do it. It requires a longish scarf which needs to be tied halfway between your neck and the end. Now take the other side and pull it half within the knot to create the half-bow. Do not forget to tie the knot tightly.
  • The Babushka Style: What happens when Kim Kardashian goes classic? The Babushka happens. You really need a small neckpiece and create a triangle with it and cover your head with the broader part. Take the ends and wrap it around your neck before finishing it with a knot either at the back or front.
  • The Scullery Maid: Didn’t Katy Perry look beautiful with her colorful scarf tied on her head through the nape? If you loved this, you can achieve it. It is pretty simple. Use any color and any length of stole or even better if you could use custom scarves by intertwining them and using the mingled item to fold it into a square and placing it on the back of your head. Tie the loose ends on the top of your head over your hair in whichever way you want. You are the darling of the shutterbugs!

Straight away copy these styles or alter them a little according to your wish and become the favorite of the fashionista. Just remember to carry any of these looks like pro and you are given full marks on that. Your icons will also be happy to find your photos on any of the social media platforms. Shed your inhibitions and just do the scarves.


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