How Men Should Dress on their First Date

Neckties are classy accessories, and by wearing them you can perfectly make a statement about your personality, character and aesthetic sense. Women love a man who knows how to take care of himself and who takes pride in his appearance. Tie is a piece of neckwear that women find most attractive in men’s outfit. Whether you want to go for a romantic date or taking your girl to a party, it is your neckwear that gets noticed by them seriously.

What men should wear on their first date?

Your first date is perhaps the most important occasion in your life when you don’t want to slip up especially with your dress. After consulting with the relationship experts and fashion gurus, we are offering few style tips that you can follow on your first date.

Wear a suit and avoid leather jacket- The elegance and the eternal appeal of a suit will never fade away and will work on every occasion. Try to wear a light colored suit with a fashionable custom tie that you can buy online. Your attire will definitely impress her a lot and leave a profound impression on her mind. Do keep in mind that you are not wearing something flashy such as leather jackets or multicolor sweater.

Hat instead of cap- Wearing a cap on your first date may seem childish. If you really want to wear a headwear, opt for a classy hat. It will offer you mature look along with a decent appearance. A hat will also complement the personalized tie and the suit you are wearing.

Suit Tie Hat for Date

Go minimalist with your jewelry- By putting on heavy jewelry you are taking the risk of appearing tacky and pretentious to your sweetheart. Be simple and minimalist with your jewelry. You can wear a pleasing bracelet with a nice watch instead of a heavy necklace or flashy studs.

Although the first date is meant to be casual that doesn’t mean your outfit should be sloppy. Make an unforgettable first impression with a spectacular attire.


Why Custom Printed Ties Have Become a Favorite Fashion Wear

To be precise necktie originated in the 17th century, during the 30 years war (1618-1648) Croatian mercenaries came to France to support King Louis XIII. It was the time of Industrial Revolution in England in the eighteenth to nineteenth century when this piece of neckwear developed rapidly and become known as it is today. From the single piece of clothing to its availability with the option of custom printed ties, the journey of tie is absolutely fantastic and memorable.

Wearing a necktie a fantastic way to embrace the timelessness of any great era in men’s fashion: for example, a wider tie in an Art Deco design can recall the 1930s or the 1960s, just as a skinny or narrow tie can recall the classic looks of the 1950s. Apart from decorating your dress, wearing an elegant tie commands respect as you can portray your style and individuality by wearing it.


Even a few years ago, the tie was largely an accessory especially for workplace. But nowadays the conception has changed entirely and ties are worn even for attaining casual look. Men’s tailoring has developed over centuries with the tie at its geographic center. The business suit and tie is undeniably a signal of a man with status and power. Even those without social and economic prowess wear ties on occasions where the expression of masculine status.

One of the finest things about ties is the customized option you could enjoy. Printed ties can be personalized in accordance with your choice, design, pattern, color, fabric and budget. You can go to online tie design company’s portal and submit the design of your tie. After reviewing all your requirements, the online tie design company will provide you the digital version of the tie. You can make all the changes during this initial period and finalize your order. The entire system is absolutely easy and effortless.


Why Personalized Scarves are Fabulous Gifting Idea?

One of the finest things about this digital age is you can personalize your favorite design, color palate, image on a scarf. You get the chance to become a designer of your own clothing and what could be a better option than trying your creativity skill by ordering online custom scarves in the UK.

There is no joy equal to wearing something made out of your own idea. Not only this, there is a huge satisfaction in giving someone a gift designed by you. For making your gift even more memorable you could go for the personalized scarves. You can easily create a scarf with a color tone to match the receiver favorite outfit.

online custom scarves uk

  • Scarf design idea for your mom– The best possible way to customized a scarf for your mother is to identify her favorite design and color. You could sneak peek her wardrobe and figure out the color and the design she prefers most. Try to design the scarf according to that and order online.
  • Scarf design idea for your girlfriend/wife- The toughest part of pleasing a girl is properly knowing her choice. Girls are renowned for shifting their loyalty quickly. As the margin of error is really small, we would suggest you, rather than spying the choice of your girl, directly ask her preference. You simply can’t afford your gifting goes wrong with your girlfriend and wife.
  • Scarf design idea for your friend Perhaps the most simple thing in the world is to order customized scarf for your friend. Being the beasties for years, it is relatively simple to know everything your friend prefers in terms of design, color and fabric. It is not a rule of thumb that you always have to give her/him the thing they like most. There is always a chance of mixing and matching something refreshing.

Scarf is a single piece of clothing that offers the most simple form of adornment. This festive season give something unique to your close ones by giving personalized scarves designed by you.

How Personalised Option Make Bow Tie Even More Desirable

A bow tie is the most elegant piece of neck-wear for decades. Bow ties not only add glamour to any outfit but they also bring in a sense of aristocracy. From Winston Churchill to Charles Chaplin, from Ryan Gosling to Steve Jobs, the list of bow tie wearers will go on and on. Bow ties have become an integral part of dressing to some of the successful men on the planet.


The reasons behind the popularity of the bow ties-

Bow ties for every occasion: The best thing about bow ties is they can be worn for any occasion. Whether it is a wedding or an office party, a business meeting or fundraising event, bow ties are ideal. They can complement any occasion and event.

Personalized option: Another great addition to the bow tie lovers is they could enjoy the option of personalising their tie. There are so many online stores available in the market that offer their customers to personalised bow tie. Buyers can select the design, pattern, fabric and color of the bow tie according to their choice. They can even send their own design and the online tie store will create the bow tie according to their specifications.

Multiple buying options: Even a few years ago the buying option of bow ties were limited to few stores. People could only buy from a handful of design. But the trend has changed completely. Online tie stores are offering a huge number of color variation, fabric and price option to their customers. As a buyer, your options of purchasing bow tie online has become diverse.

Men’s dressing evolved a lot over the years, but there are few things that simply irreplaceable, and bow tie is one of them. With a bow tie on with a spectacular suit, you will always stand out from the crowd.

Top 3 Classy Tie Brands in the World

An ideal dress for men cannot be completed without a splendid necktie. These will complete the formal look of men and carry immense importance. Whether it is a school necktie or formal tie, an elegant looking tie can take an ordinary look to the next level. There is no piece of cloth more adventurous than a necktie in your closet.

Knotted beneath the collar of a crisp dress shirt, a fine looking necktie speaks of style, confidence and elegance. This makes it highly important to have the knowledge about the best and classy tie brands in the world.

Ralph Lauren Neckties-

For most of us, it’s the all-American Ralph Lauren Polo shirts that are most famous. But Ralph Lauren the fashion mogul is so much more than a simple collared Polo. The Ralph Lauren neckties are equally famous and glamorous. In fashion, few trends last long but Ralph Lauren’s designs have made his brand an icon in the fashion industry. Lauren is known for capitalizing on an aspirational style and key insignia which evokes the British gentry while also referencing the aesthetics of the American upper class.

A collection of Ralph Lauren Neckties

A collection of Ralph Lauren Neckties | Image Source: Google Image

Armani Neckties-

Headquartered in Milan, Italy, Armani collections of clothes, neckties and accessories are a favorite worldwide. In a volatile fashion industry, while brands are struggling to retain their prominence, Armani enjoys a position of almost unrivaled security. Silk, cotton or woolen, the charm of Armani neckties are undying. According to the industry insiders, Armani is also coming up with fabulous school necktie collection.

A Collection of Armani Neckties

A Collection of Armani Neckties | Image Source: Google Image


Even in a particularly crowded necktie world, Hermès occupies a spot unto itself. The Hermès ties are simply the best, and they have an exclusivity of their own. The instantly recognizable design, exotic materials, vivid colors, and meticulous attention to detail make the Hermès neckties the most desired in the globe.

A Collection from Hermes neckties

A Collection from Hermes neckties | Image Source: Google Image

The above-mentioned tie brands will definitely offer you a standout style. They are beautifully and aesthetically designed that exude a class when you wear them.

Aspects to keep in Mind While Customizing Wedding Necktie

For men, the most noticeable accessory on the day of wedding is the tie. It gives the complete look and makes the wedding suit look highly attractive. Custom wedding neckties are the single most important item for grooms. They come in two forms, a standard necktie that’s normally 9cm wide and a skinny tie.

Now you could enjoy the freedom of customizing the color, material, shape, size and design of your tie according to the theme of your wedding. Fashion experts suggest to have a close look on the following aspects while customizing tie for your marriage.

Fashion gurus suggest that the color of your tie must complement the suit you are wedding and attire of your bride. The colors should not contradict the outfit of each other. For instance, for day marriage it is good to wear light colored ties such as blue, light pink, white or off-white. Marriage that is going to take place at night you could select dark hues like black, dark green and royal blue.

The tie patterns are the second most critical factor. With rocketing popularity of neckties, the options for different patterns have also enlarged and expanded. The options are almost limitless when it comes to select the custom necktie patterns. Take a look at the different tie patterns-

  • Solid Ties
  • Striped Ties
  • British Regimental Striped Ties
  • University Striped Ties
  • Repp Striped Neckties
  • Foulard Ties
  • Plaid Ties
  • Pin Dot Neckties
  • Polka Dot Ties
  • Paisley Ties

Printing symbols on wedding tie is a remarkable way to make it even more memorable. The unique look will certainly make your wedding popular instantly. You could print the picture of some of best moments of relationship, give tribute to anyone, print the emblem of the religion you believe or print a caricature. The decision is up to you to make it look attractive.

Depending on the outfit you are going to wear on the D-Day, you should select the length and width of the tie. Wedding neckties have achieved an adorable acceptance among the masses. The introduction of custom-made wedding ties will further boost their demands. Small fashion houses are giving their customers to customize their according to their preference and choice.

Some of the Stunning Features of Custom Bow Ties

Since its introduction and mass acceptance into men’s dress, the bow tie has experienced a great many changes in form and function and has transcended its purely formal and traditional stereotype. From street style, to the runway, to celebrity fashion, the bow tie has been re-appropriated into a variety of different looks, breaking it free from the mold it once held as a purely formal accessory. We are emphasizing some of the stunning features of custom bow ties.

bow tie

Most of the custom bow ties are made of silk or polyester-

Generally the material used in making a custom bow tie is either silk or polyester. The black silk bow tie is the most popular black bow tie out there simply because most tuxedo lapels are faced with silk. Traditionally, the material of the bow tie should match the tuxedo lapels it is paired with, and so satin is the number one choice. You can get better understanding about the custom tie materials in this video (

Designs that can be printed on a custom bow tie-

There are so many design options you can select with a custom bow tie. Although the necktie is more prominent in today’s society, being seen at business meetings, formal functions, schools, and sometimes even at home, the bow tie is making a comeback with fun-formal events such as dinner, cocktail parties and nights out on the town. Bow ties are often worn with suits by those trying to convey a more dressed up, formal image, whether in business or social venues. Design options are-

  • Company logo
  • School colors
  • And Create your own design

However, due to the small print area on the boat tie, design patterns should be selected precisely. Self-tie bow tie and pre-tied bow tie come in standard 14 to 18 neck size and they are highly adjustable. You can request any special sizes while placing your order.