Six Perfect Ways to Tie the Knots of a Bowtie

Whether you are wearing a Bowtie in an official event or wedding function, you must have the proper knowledge to tie a bowtie in different ways. You need to get an idea about tying the knots in various shapes to look smart at different events. Always match your silhouette, knot style and attires with your bowtie while going for a special function.

Popular Bowtie Knot Options

  • Thin Bowtie

  • Skinny Bowtie

  • Normal Bowtie

  • Butterfly Bowtie

  • Self-tie Bowtie

  • Diamond Bowtie

Smart Ways to Tie a Bowtie in a D.A.P.P.E.R Method

To present your persona in an elegant way, there are various ways to wear a bowtie. Use DA.P.P.E.R method and follow 6 steps to look perfect with a bowtie.

  1. D: Different Lengths

Always start with one side longer than the other while tying a bowtie. The length difference of both the side must be two to three inches. This way will help you to start tying a bowtie in a smooth way.

  1. A: A simple Knot

Try to cross both the end and always tuck the long end to create a simple knot. Do not tuck both the points together and make the look of the bowtie clumsy and untidy.

  1. P: Pinch a Bow

After the second step, fold the shorter end in a bow shape and pinch it against your neck. While pinching the bow shape, do not slip the knot point.

  1. P: Pull and Pluck

Try to pull the long side over the bow tie and pluck both the end of the bow together. While pulling and plucking remember that the knot must not get strangled tightly because this may cause the problem to open it later.

  1. E: Enter the Loop

At the bow near your neck, there will be a hole and loop can be seen behind the bow portion. You must fold the middle part of the dangling ends of the bow tie and after that push it through the loop.

  1. R: Refine

Until the bowtie takes the shape you want to refine it by tying it in a perfect bow shape.

Types of Silhouettes in Bowties

The fabric, style, design, and silhouette of every bowties are designed in a different way. Here are some of the silhouettes of bowtie:


  • Batwing 

This bowtie has a slim and singular width and this is an alternative to the skinny necktie. Batwing bowtie provides a formal look in your appearance.


  • Hourglass

Fanning outward the endpoints, this silhouette of the bowtie looks like hourglass bow design. You may wear this type of bowtie for the wedding ceremony and other functions.


  • Pointed

It is similar to the hourglass silhouette, but the end point of the bowtie provides a modern twist. It showcases a traditional style with a masculine look in your attire.

Final Thoughts

Enhance your masculine look with different types of bowtie and use the variant method to tie the knot. Tying a bowtie in different ways at specific functions can boost your smartness.


How you can Dress in a Corporate Way

In today’s workplace, it really matters a lot on how you are looking, as it directly influences reputation and branding of your company. To be in the safe side, you could wear a conservative solid colored suit or a long sleeve collared shirt with a glorious corporate logo tie.

Whether you are working in a multinational company or in a small organization, regardless of size, most companies expect their employees to dress in an impressive way. As an employee, you also need to give special attention on how appropriately you are dressed in a corporate sector. Apart from the clients, your superiors, colleagues and even the housekeepers will judge you on the basis of your attire. Consider your clothes a statement of your personality and an indication of what your business represents.

The value of wearing appropriate attire doesn’t refer to the professional context only. It is something that extends to all areas of your life since your clothes are a large part of who you are as a person. It gives people an idea of who you are.

Take a look at some of the amazing tips on corporate dressing

  • Do keep in mind that corporate dressing does not mean flaunting designer business suits all the time. The real trick is to dress accordingly in lines with the organization culture. If the job status requires you to wear a suit with corporate logo ties, you should be very mindful about it.
  • To be in the safe side, you could wear a conservative solid colored suit or a long sleeve collared shirt with an appropriate logo tie or an ordinary tie. Be careful that you are not wearing too bright tacky cartoon ties, distracting from the whole outfit.
  • Overly relaxed dress codes and casual wear are not at all prohibited, but you can wear them according to the occasion. For instance, if you come to a fun-packed office party wearing a tuxedo with a glorious corporate logo tie, you may catch unwanted attention. So, dress according to the situation.

In today’s workplace, it really matters a lot on how you are looking, as it directly influences reputation and branding of your company as well as yours. There’s nothing more empowering than putting on a great attire. It can make you feel more confident and elegant.

Bowties–The Classic Neckwear from Ancient to Modern Era

The bowties have revamped to tie into the wardrobe of fashion astute. This accessory is originated from the root of French culture in the 17th century. Bowties come from the plethora of color and fabrics suitable to the fashion sense.

From the formal to informal wear, necktie and bowtie divulge the class and sophistication. The austere reputation of business class people and smart Hollywood celebrities are portrayed with a classic bowtie fabric and design. In 28th August, National Bow Tie Day is celebrated by French & American countries. The men in different sectors wear various types of bowties on that day.

Origin of Bowtie

The bowtie is originated from the root of Croatian history. During the Prussian War in the 17th century, the missionaries of Croatia wore ribbon, scarf, cravat, and bowtie in their neck. These were the part of the soldier uniform. The French soldiers brought the cravat or bowtie as formal wear in the 18th century. Later, it got popularity globally.

Custom Bowtie

Today, the bowtie is popular with businessmen, staffs of hotel management, and many other formal or informal occasional wear. Much sophisticated class prefers wearing a bowtie in place of the necktie to bring smartness in their look. The online portals have started printing logo, print, and design to custom bowties. The shoppers love purchasing such neckwear by ordering their own projection and style.


Types of Bowtie styles

  • Butterfly
  • Bat Wing
  • Diamond Point
  • Rounded Corner

The suitable way to wear a bowtie

Bowties are worn in formal and informal parties with the coat, blazer, and trouser. The standard formal attire like Black Tuxedo with polka printed bowtie in satin is a great style at evening parties. Bold and plain pattern with high textures can be worn in semi-formal events.

While buying cravats, ties, and neckties, shoppers find different styles and prints that are sometimes unavailable in shops. The online tie stores present a personalized style of custom bowties, neckties, and scarves as per customer choice. You can accessorize yourself and bring a smart look by selecting the service of e-shopping portals.

Select Reliable Online Custom-Tie Store to Purchase Uniform Neckties

Shoppers around the globe are trying to keep them updated with latest style, class, and personality. Nowadays, people are opting personalized products for their use because of the variety, style, and the quality. You may get the product as per your demand if you purchase customized items. Educational goods, fashion items, and other customized products are in prolific demand in the market because of their alluring quality and dynamic style.

While talking about neckties, we all know the piece of uniform necktie enhance our personality and portray our image in office, school, university and other commercial areas. Generally, you will not get logo-weaved uniform neckties in ready-made retail stores, but if you order the tie to a reliable personalized online tie-store then it can be found. The users can order the design, pattern and uniform logo print of the tie as per their needs.

E-commerce business has boosted up the fashion industry impressively through these online customized tie-stores. The distinct print, design and color and quality of uniform neckties are popular worldwide.

uniform neckties

There are some major factors you must keep in mind while purchasing uniform neckties:

  • The process of designing: See the variants of tie designs and fabrics used by the designers & manufacturers of the online custom tie store. Check whether the uniform neckties are made as per your requirement or not. Percolating your logo on the tie piece is necessary to portray the badge of your office or school.
  • Quality of the material: The cloth material of the tie must be appropriate so that it does not affect your image negatively in school or office. While ordering the design, select the fabric and cloth material in the online tie store.
  • Service on time: Delivery on time is one of the essential criteria because uniform necktie is a necessary part of your regular life. One cannot go to school and offices without wearing them. So, check whether the particular store provides the neckties in proper time.
  • Price: Check whether the online tie store is selling their products at a reasonable price or not and compare the rate with other shops.
  • Reliability: You also need to check the reputation and customer reviews while visiting the website for shopping the neckties for your uniform. If the store is certified then only buy the necktie because choosing the wrong shop may cater you bad quality material of the tie with logo weaving, which is not prominent.


The immaculate number of shoppers is getting attached to the e-commerce personalized-necktie online stores. The features like the fast, easy and reasonable price of the online shops are popular nowadays, but shoppers need to select a reliable shop to purchase uniform neckties.

Why are personalized scarves in vogue?

Scarves, ties, and hats are such accessories, which embellish the personality of men and women. Different ready-made scarves are available in online and offline stores, but customized scarves are more in demand nowadays. Therefore, the new trend of customized scarves is presented in online market to meet the need of the shoppers. They can be of several materials like cotton, woolen, silk, printed, hand knitted, etc. Every scarf has specific fashion statement, story, and style behind it.


Nowadays, fashion trend is changing like the weather. People love to accessorize themselves with elegant and updated ways. Rather than readymade designs, the features of personalized scarves are appreciated in the market by the audience. Therefore, corporate bodies are using marketing tool for crafting customizing products, logo, motto and services.

Recently, online personalized scarf design services are in vogue. Educational institutes, flight attendants, sports team and corporate sectors are delighted with the use of customized scarf.  There are several online stores that make beautiful, handmade piece according to your choice. They make scarves for several purposes like wedding party, casual wear, formal outfit, etc.

Here are some reasons that showcase why personalized scarves are preferred by consumers:

Knitted scarves

Personalized fleece and knitted scarves are knitted and embroidered by designers in a custom-based design. According to the choice of the customers, online workshops craft them in an aesthetic style. They are in vogue because it is knitted as per consumer preference, so the scarves are in huge demand in the market.

Woven Scarves

Woven scarf is designed in a high defined and single-sided way. The weave of the scarf allows the customized design of the manufacturers to showcase in a clear way. They are soft and comfortable to wear. Shoppers choose personalized scarves because they are made according to the penchant of consumers.

There are several other scarves like cotton, woolen, and silk, which has different dynamic crafting styles. The manufacturers try to make the custom-made scarf UV rays protected and perfect in chilling winter. Shoppers prefer to purchase these items because of their versatility, flexibility, style and dynamic feature.

Personalized scarf designs available online are appreciated because they can be made in the same form chosen by customers. This is the main reason that consumers prefer to buy customized products rather than readymade materials in the market.

The Resurgence of Customized Cummerbunds

The British military personnel who were posted in India around 1850 used to wear sashes imitating the Indian royals around their waist called “kamarbands” now cummerbunds, kamar meaning ‘waist.’ British officers were impressed by the luxurious waist sashes worn by Indian gentlemen and decided to incorporate the style into their dress. Cummerbunds were a cooler option than wearing a vest for the Britishers who were stationed in India.

This piece of waist-wear gradually became an integral part while wearing a tuxedo. Custom cummerbunds are indispensable with the formal wears. They are widest around the front and were adopted as a warm-weather alternative to the black tie waistcoat. You can see them either in the high-profile events or the Oscars red carpet. Personalized cummerbunds give a unique look that is completely different from the usual outfit we wear while attending a formal event. Although they are not seen everywhere, for maintaining an exclusivity of your attire, cummerbunds are simply irreplaceable.

How cummerbunds can redefine your look-

Selecting an appropriate-color cummerbund is really important. Simple, solid colors are the most elegant and safest bet. People love to wear red cummerbunds during Christmas. If you are attending a marriage ceremony, you need to select the color according to your tie and handkerchief. If you are unsure, go for a custom-made black cummerbund would be your best choice. The primary function of customized cummerbund is to eliminate that unsightly white ‘V’ of dress shirt that pokes out below the button of a single-breasted dinner or tuxedo jacket that makes you look stronger and more masculine.

The best thing about this formal wear is irrespective of the physical shape of an individual, anybody can wear cummerbunds with a stylish custom tie or with a bow tie. Cummerbunds can have quite a slimming look for your tuxedo outfit. Men tend to look taller with a slim waist when wearing a cummerbund.

Why Uber-Exclusive Acrylic Scarves are Dominating the Fashion World

High-performance fabrics are getting hugely popular nowadays. Keeping the trend in mind, many hi-tech fibers have been developed by the fiber scientists and material technologists for making specialty fibers. Common end products of acrylic fabric include scarves, sweaters, hats, socks, and knitting yarn. One of these high-performance fibers is the Acrylic fiber which is getting firm-favourite for making custom scarves in the UK. It is manufactured as a filament, then cut into short staple lengths similar to wool hairs, and spun into yarn. It can also be made to mimic other fibers such as cashmere and cotton.

Because of its cheaper price, fine gauge and similar qualities, acrylic is sometimes used to mimic cashmere scarves. This man-made fabric is highly affordable and anyone can buy fashionable acrylic custom scarves online in the UK. From stunning floral prints to embroidered motifs, echo dotty silk square scarf to new markdown bobby print silk wrap, the online custom scarf stores can offer you anything that you want. Fashion experts are of the opinion that the trend in the women’s fashion world is changing rapidly as they are preferring to incorporate more and more new types of fabrics in their outfit. And the very latest among them is the acrylic.

Some of the beneficial features of acrylic scarves-

  • UV Protective
  • Wrinkle-Free
  • Stain Resistant
  • Antimicrobial and so on

Although acrylic scarves that you buy from the online custom scarves stores in the UK will not provide you the warmth as woolen scarves will offer but still they can trap the heat exhaled by your body, thereby giving warmth. Acrylic fabrics are lightweight, warm, and soft to the touch and that’s why they are ideal for personalizing your scarf.